The treatment of acupuncture is subject to many myths though it has been around for many years. Acupuncture is one of the quickest growing disciplines of alternative medicine and is even covered by various state worker’s compensation plans and health insurances. The following are the myths of acupuncture.

No Scientific Basis

Acupuncture may be a kind of alternative medication, but peer-reviewed studies have discovered that acupuncture treatments do connect to a decrease in the observed patient’s levels of pain.

Needles Not Safesdaxdaxa

This myth relates to the misguided belief that the needles utilized in acupuncture treatments are unsanitary or can transmit disease. Acupuncture needles come in sealed and sterilized packages. The needles are only employed during treatment, after use in treatment the needles are correctly disposed of as they are interpreted as medical waste.

Acupuncture Is Painful

Typically, acupuncture is almost painless. Some patients describe feeling a small pinch, lighter than a regular doctor shot, with the use of an acupuncture needle. Acupuncture restores balances and relaxes the body.  An adequate acupuncture treatment does not cause pain to individuals.

Traditional Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture Are The Same

The traditional Chinese understanding and principles of medicine are utilized in acupuncture but, it is its a sovereign field of study. Chinese medicine also relies on herbal treatments like Tai-Qi.

Acupuncture Sessions Takes Lots Of Time

A regular acupuncture session lasts half an hour to one hour. This time is enough to do the pre-acupuncture examination and the time required to obtain a diagnosis and formulate a treatment strategy.

Acupuncture Needs To Be Done Daily To Work

All patients are not the same. However; many patients do not require a daily treatment. Several patients need to get a series of acupuncture treatments, but the sessions are once a month or once a week. Patients who require regular sessions are few. Specifically, the daily sessions are only for a short period until the critical problem is brought under control.

Anyone Can Be An Acupuncturist

sdsdfsxdsAcupuncturists in many countries require a correct licensing procedure to be able to practice the art. It is mandatory for a certified acupuncturist to complete four years of course work including a clinical internship of over 42 days. Applicants need to pass an examination before getting an acupuncturist license. First, acupuncturists should get a university degree.

Once issued a permit, the acupuncturist has to attend regular on going education classes and follows the ethical standards and safety of their profession to keep their license in good reputation.